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I know, it all sounds impossible. But more people are going to college than ever. And while many of them are accumulating debt faster than Congress, you can still get through this without an impossible financial burden. Just remember, that there will likely be no single source of money, you will have to be realistic on selecting the right school, and your major means everything. So, relax and start the journey, one step at a time...

Monday, September 26, 2011

INFOGRAPHIC: College Students Pay HOW Much for Beer?

An interesting infographic (click the image to enlarge) showing the breakdown of an average college student's budget. If you look at the tuition portion, it is 19% of their spending of $13,000 per year, or $2,470. For room & board it is 26%, or $3,380 per year. This represents 51% of the average tuition expense after all grants (the amount that needs to be covered by savings, income, and loans), and 41% of the average room & board expense (per the National Postsecondary Student Aid Study).

While this is commendable, the fact that 40% of their budget is discretionary seems a bit distrurbing to me. And I suppose the $50 per month on beer that they spend on average is consolation when they think of their student loans. Cheers!

College Students, Beer, living expenses, spending, discretionary
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  1. great is helpful for student good advantage infographic.ever student should be adopt this.i really appreciated your effort.thanks for sharing with us.