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I know, it all sounds impossible. But more people are going to college than ever. And while many of them are accumulating debt faster than Congress, you can still get through this without an impossible financial burden. Just remember, that there will likely be no single source of money, you will have to be realistic on selecting the right school, and your major means everything. So, relax and start the journey, one step at a time...

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

INFOGRAPHIC: Why Exactly Should I Continue My Education?

Interesting graphic from the University of Phoenix and GOOD magazine on trends in education and the workforce. 

Note that there is greater growth in the jobs requiring education at trade schools or an Associates degree, compared to a Bachelor's degree. However, completion rates for these students lag those persuing 4-year degrees. A recent Department of Education study indicates average degree completion rates of 37% for 2-year degree programs and 61% for 4-year degree programs, as measured by completion within 200% of the nominal time frame (i.e., degree completion within 4 years for a 2-year program). There is much better news in the trade schools (those seeking a certificate), where 200% completion rates average 72%.

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